Worried about your privacy while browsing this site? Probably not. But i'm giving you privacy info anyway. This page is mostly about Cloudflare.

First Party Cookies

If you check your browser, you might notice a first-party cookie. The cookie is caused by Cloudflare. You may use a cookie blocker if you don't like this.

IP addresses

Not visible by me unless Cloudflare either scans your browser and/or forces you to do a captcha. I usually have my Cloudflare account's firewall settings to "Essentially Off", so it doesn't do that as often. Unlike Realmy, I won't leak your IP address.

Domains outside of hypermug.cf will view your IP as well. Every website does this by default.


I do not do any fingerprinting myself. Cloudflare is notorious for fingerprinting visitors by default. Unfortunately you've already been fingerprinted by Cloudflare if you visited this site without the Tor Browser or a "hardened firefox

External companies/sites automatically connected to

Mozilla - The "I use firefox" banner connects to Mozilla's CDN
Unsplash - Used for the hero image on the homepage
Cloudflare - My CDN.
Disqus - Automatically connected to only when visiting the "Disqus Comment Section" page